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Who are Penny and Mary?

Penny and Mary together represents the two sides within each of us that we must balance. Penny represents the analytical and strategic side, and Mary the visionary and dreamy side. Whether you are planning your dream wedding or helping to make someone's dream wedding come true, Penny and Mary brings you balance through a host of tools to get you from planning to doing- now that’s smart!

Penny and Mary’s Founders

Carmen and Yina are the two good friends behind the wedding planning site PennyandMary.com. They met during their MBA program at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. The girls bonded over their wild imagination and tenacious need to play match-maker, both of which stem from a lifetime reading of mangas and comics.


Carmen has successfully launched and managed profitability of innovative cross-border mobile products and global consumer brands while at a mobile start-up and at a Fortune 100 company.

She has semi-retired from match-making due to conflict of interest. While she is currently focusing all her energy to “hack” weddings and happily ever after, she continues to connect friends for strictly professional networking.


Yina’s experience ranged from supporting large scale transformation and merger integration projects and leading strategic procurement initiatives for large global clients from her consulting role.

She has been the Maid of Honor/Bridesmaid/ Wedding planner 5 times! If you see a 2x2 chart pop-up in our book, somewhere a corporate client is getting marriage metaphors for their M&A project.