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I assume you are asking this question because you would like to get the best prices from your wedding vendors, but you may just want to know about the weather.  In which case, I would ask, when you are getting married?  Some vendors do charge less, depending on the time of year, but smaller vendors, such as individual musicians, will probably charge the same no matter what time of year you are getting married.  My suggestion is to ask around and query your vendors.  

As far as weather, think about your guests and your bridal party.  If you are having an outdoor ceremony, I would consider heat level.  I have played for weddings in August in which the chairs were set up in full sunlight.  Most of the guests ended up fleeing to the shade, which made for bad photographs because it looked like no one was in attendance!  I have also been at outdoor weddings in late fall in which the bride had her bridesmaids wearing tiny dresses and they were freezing.  They were forced to stand outside for the entire hour, extremely uncomfortable.  These are important considerations.  People will remember these things years down the line.

These are only a few suggestions, but I hope they have helped.

answered Nov 13, 2016 by Harpist-Miriam Shilling(expert)
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I think that depends on what kind of wedding you want and where you want. There are a lot of things that have to be considered while deciding the venue and the date such as the weather, the availability of the wedding venues etc. If you are having a simple wedding then you can have at any time of the year as there are lot of options available when it comes to vendors and venues. My own sister got married over here in Florida last month in a simple traditional wedding.

answered Jan 12 by RachelScott