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Location: Philippines

asked Jul 7, 2016 in Favors by mocahtseb

1 Answer

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During the planning process, you're going to be enticed by a lot of beautiful, pricey favors.  But, most of it is stuff no one needs, and an unnecessary expense for you.  At my wedding we had little baskets (I made them myself, but you can buy inexpensive plastic containers or tins at a discount store, or make little bags from colored celophane) full of M&M's, which most of our guests devoured before they even got home!  The favors I've enjoyed most at other people's weddings have always been chocolate or little snacks.  Knick-knacks I've always regifted or donated.

answered Nov 13, 2016 by Harpist-Miriam Shilling(expert)
edited Nov 13, 2016 by anonymous