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+6 votes
Are you guys doing it right after the wedding? Where?

asked Jun 11, 2015 in Travel & Honeymoon by Penny And Mary(helpful expert)

4 Answers

+1 vote
Belize! We're flying there the day after the wedding

answered Jun 17, 2015 by Alexy Rae
+1 vote
We're going to a B&B for a min-moon. The honeymoon will be in Greece.

answered Jun 23, 2015 by anonymous
0 votes
We did a friendlymoon in Thailand, Myanmar, and Singapore.

answered Jun 23, 2015 by Carmen F
0 votes

Yes, we are heading to Santorini, Greece in a couple of days. Almost finished packing up. My DH is very much excited about the honeymoon since it's a first for both of us! Since, we are going for a beachmoon he even gifted me a push up bikini on our wedding night! Would love to know where you're planning to go.

answered Dec 2, 2015 by sophiaandrew