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+10 votes
My brother is walking me down the aisle to my handicapped father can I put him as presenter of the bride on my programs to acknowledge him?
Location: Girard, ohio

asked Aug 2, 2014 in Guests and Etiquette by Miley

2 Answers

+1 vote

Of course! As a general rule, you can always do whatever you want on your day, as long as it is not offensive or hurtful to anyone. This is certainly not the case here. You can put both father and brother to avoid confusion. e.g. "The Bride, accompanied by her brother, enters the door, is met by her brother and is joined by their father...

It is good to write down order and ceremony participants anyway.

answered Aug 3, 2014 by Carla
I Googled the royal program. It sounds very elegant and formal as you would expect.

Miley, ditto in terms of adding your brother.
0 votes
Carla, are these words inspired by Kate Middleton's wedding program? Mine was inspired by the royal wedding program too!

answered Aug 5, 2014 by anonymous