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Anyone know what traditions, rituals, and symbols are still practiced / used in modern Scottish weddings?

asked Jul 8, 2014 in Wedding Trends by Alison

2 Answers

0 votes
Hi There Alison,

   I was just at a Modern Scottish Wedding and I can explain what happen. We were in the Highlands of Scotland and stayed at a Castle. We then went into a forest and played guitar music until a bag piper started. A few speeches and more bag pipes. They tied the knot literally by taking fabric from everyone they loved, tied it into knots and tied it around their arms. Then we went back to the reception where we had haggis stuffed chicken and venison. A funky scottish band played some tunes while we danced. Everyone drank and was merry.


- Josh

answered Jul 8, 2014 by anonymous
0 votes
I haven't attended a Scottish wedding yet, but i usually hear of a piping traditions with my friends who already attended such. This pipers often stand at the entrance door of the church and plays as the guests arrives.

answered Jul 10, 2014 by hershey_girl