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+19 votes
Crazy wedding shower games? Any ideas that are fun, nasty or crazy?
Location: London, UK

asked May 29, 2014 in Wedding Shows and Wedding Events by Zarah

19 Answers

+1 vote
Ask each guests to nominate a guy or list down all the guys in the bride's past that they know. Everyone votes on who the bride/a guest shoud prank call. Of course this can turn weird if the list is too long or there are bad memories. So maybe ask guests to nominate those that are "safe".

answered Jun 4, 2014 by Inah
+1 vote
Oy I vouch for the we vibe! Maybe we should start a best vibrator to gift question. Love the suggestions. The only thing I will add is that I love the kinky props. Dick headbands? This is scary! http://cdn1.horror-shop.com/out/pictures//master/product/1/penis_gag_kopfschmuck-penis_scherzartikel-frivoler_scherzartikel-willy_thru_the_head-18622.jpg

answered Jun 8, 2014 by Inah
+1 vote
Research nasty "sex" words and quiz the group if they know it. A prize should be in order. Here's a few to get you started: dirty sanchez, eiffel tower.

answered Jun 8, 2014 by Inah
0 votes
Order a stripper! Seriously ladies :P

answered Jun 11, 2014 by Carla
0 votes
Try Suck and Blow drinking game... :))

answered Jun 15, 2014 by LauraCarter
0 votes
I find Guess The Groom game exciting! Invite the groom to drop by the shower for a couple of minutes at the same time invite other guys too. Blind fold the bride then she'll figure out who among the guys is her groom to be.

answered Jun 15, 2014 by Anastacia;)
0 votes
Serve lots of alcohol. But drink it with a twist, try the "Beer Pong".

answered Jun 23, 2014 by Hajnika
0 votes
There's a pack of stickers you can buy where you can give "awards" to stick to people. Awards are "best ass", "best smile", etc.

answered Mar 20, 2015 by anonymous
0 votes
The gmaes are very fun and we love to enjoy it.

answered Oct 30, 2015 by francesbryant