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+19 votes
Crazy wedding shower games? Any ideas that are fun, nasty or crazy?
Location: London, UK

asked May 29, 2014 in Wedding Shows and Wedding Events by Zarah

19 Answers

+1 vote
I love Cards Against Humanity. They should do a wedding shower edition.

answered May 29, 2014 by Britanny
+1 vote
How nasty or crazy? If in a bar, we asked everyone to hit on a guy and get his number using the bride-to-be's childhood dream name. Or use a "hooker" name for extra fun and probably better success. Do not do anything beyond getting the number though... well unless you're single and up for it

answered May 29, 2014 by anonymous
+1 vote
Serve lots of alcohol and a group of girls will figure it out ;)

answered Jun 1, 2014 by anonymous
+1 vote
Do a contest on sexiest ice cream licking/eating. The bride is the judge of course..

answered Jun 1, 2014 by Nelson
+1 vote
why not just go to a nice bar and drink, dance and enjoy the night. After all she'll be getting married, forget all those playing around with strange men, opening a condom, etc...

answered Jun 1, 2014 by Lovisa
+1 vote
I love Cards Against Humanity too! One contest is who can do the sexiest voice while ordering Mc Donalds delivery.

answered Jun 2, 2014 by Corinne
+1 vote
If you have a group of 8, Babe land will send an instructor to talk about sex (toys). My friend bought the ferrari of vibrators after.

answered Jun 2, 2014 by Mhara
+1 vote
What is the ferrari of vibrators?

answered Jun 4, 2014 by Amanda
+1 vote
We vibe!....

answered Jun 4, 2014 by Kevin
+1 vote
These are great. I'm tired of the lame suggestions on most sites. I would add that it's okay to have a co-ed shower for more options!

answered Jun 4, 2014 by Ashley
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