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+16 votes
What sites did you use for your wedding website?

asked May 19, 2014 in Wedding Trends by ashly

6 Answers

0 votes
I just did it over wordpress. There is a free option.

answered May 19, 2014 by anonymous
0 votes
I bought a custom domain and signed-up on Wix.

answered May 19, 2014 by Shamin
0 votes
I'm a Tumblr user so I just added a new Tumbr site for my wedding. I thought about getting a custom site but I did not want to continue paying after the wedding.

answered May 19, 2014 by Jodelyn
0 votes
I want to password protect my site. Do you guys know of any options for this? I don't really like any of the wedding website templates on weddingwire.

answered May 19, 2014 by anonymous
0 votes
Weebly Pro has a password protect option

answered May 28, 2014 by Lindsay
0 votes
You can also password protect a page on wordpress. Try this plug-in: http://wordpress.org/plugins/password-protected/

answered Jun 2, 2014 by Cynthia