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+15 votes
Do I really need to serve a full reception meal? Any alternative ideas?
Location: Southern IL

asked Apr 10, 2014 in Catering by Gwendoline

5 Answers

0 votes
No. Cocktails and tapas are fine. So are cake and champagne. Just tell guests what to expect.

answered Apr 12, 2014 by cindy
0 votes
Depending on what time the reception will start. If the reception will start a little earlier, say 6pm, I don't think it's right to give them cake. Even if you will start at around 7:30 you guest started preparing at around 5:30 to do their hair, clothes, etc. and that already missed their meal.

answered Apr 25, 2014 by anonymous
0 votes
No. I love cake and champagne idea.

answered May 24, 2014 by Shamin
0 votes
You can definitely be creative. Food trucks are popular if you do barn, rustic, or any outdoor wedding

answered May 27, 2014 by anonymous
0 votes
Cocktail hour is fine as long as you manage guests expectations.

answered May 29, 2014 by anonymous