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My wedding is in 3 months, and I still don't know what to do for my guest favors (the ones that has each person's name and table #) What are some affordable wedding favor ideas that I can implement on my wedding? Thanks.

asked Dec 5, 2013 in Wedding Trends by winona

3 Answers

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To add excitement to your table favors, we recommend "Bride & Groom action photos with table assignment text below- for example, we've done some really creative work with shooting the Bride & Groom in our office Photo Booth and incorporating some of the silly poses and expressions that we translated into 10 different versions of photos that were placed on the table- custom designed with artwork. This makes for a unique, fun offering that most people don't see at their wedding. For more info on various styles of Photo favors we can provide please contact us at www.nextgeneventco.com for more information!

answered Dec 12, 2013 by anonymous
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Hello, Feel free to email me at placeofevents@yahoo.com. I sell many different favors and at all different price points. Let me know what you are looking to spend around and lets see if we can find something for your budget!

answered Jan 8, 2014 by placeofevents(expert)
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If you have done engagement portraits, buy miniature frames. Glue magnets on backs for refrigerator magnets. Your memory will be in front of them every day!

answered Mar 1, 2014 by chaswp