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0 votes
My friend has a budget of $2000 for her wedding. It it feasible for her to hire a wedding planner? If so, how much would one cost, and where would I find them?
Location: SF,CA

asked Nov 25, 2013 in Wedding Planner by Phillip

2 Answers

0 votes
if you can plan a wedding by all yourself then it's not required to get a wedding planner but if you're too busy then get a wedding planner you can search a affordable wedding planner over the internet.

answered Nov 27, 2013 by Rachel
0 votes
Most planner charge a minimum fee depending on the budget. In my area there are none that charge less than $500, which is a quarter of your budget. Planners may be able to get discounts or specials, but $2000 is not much to work with.

answered Nov 30, 2013 by Rev.DanLatour(helpful expert)