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when conducting a rehearsal there is always the question of which side the father is on of the bride when walking down the aisle. I always thought the bride should be on the right side of the father therefore when they get to the minister and he gives her away, he just turns to his left and sits down on the brides side of the church or venue. If it was reversed he would have to walk over or around the brides train.
Location: avon, nc

asked Oct 7, 2013 in Ceremony by hatteraswedding(expert)

1 Answer

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The FOB walks on the right of the bride, but then again, when Kate Middleton got married, her father walked on the left side. I'd say usually the father walks on the right though.

answered Oct 7, 2013 by lucy
Traditionally, the right side. If interested in premium photo booth packages, please check out www.nextgenphotobooth.com for more information.