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+13 votes
I was thinking of hiring some college or high school photographers to take my wedding pictures. (They're cheaper!) Is this a bad idea?
Location: New York

asked Sep 20, 2013 in Photography by Carol

5 Answers

0 votes
There are reasons why people hire proffesionals. Proffesionals usually have the tools and equipment to make your pictures look amazingly flawless. You may have to sacrifice some of the quality, but if that is the chance you want to take, go for it.

answered Sep 20, 2013 by Tina
0 votes
Have a test run. Let these photographers take pictures of you and your fiancee to see how they capture your memories! If you like it, then hire them. If you find imperfections, then try looking into proffesional photographers!

answered Sep 20, 2013 by sarahjean
0 votes
Experience, experience, experience is the only way to assure great wedding photography. I know we've all had to start at the bottom, as I did, but I can surely tell you that my first wedding was not comparable to my work now. Cheap means no experience. Don't sell yourself short on the most valuable photographs of your lifetime. Your children will look back at them. My parents have been married for 60 years and I still cherish their professional B&W 8x10's.

answered Sep 24, 2013 by chaswp
0 votes
I just wrote a blog post about this very subject this morning. You can read it here: www.karenskellyphoto.wordpress.com. Just remember that the photographs are your memories and that is all you will have left after the wedding is over. Choose wisely.

answered Sep 25, 2013 by Karen Skelly Photography(expert)
0 votes
20 years from now you will probably answer that question on your own if you do. You cant youtube experience. Professionals have back up equipment. Plus some college or high school kids probably haven't even gone to a wedding. I did my sisters wedding when I was 18, 25 years ago, I have photographed over 700 weddings since then, if I only knew then what i know now..

answered Sep 26, 2013 by carlos@miamiphoto.net(expert)