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0 votes
I want my guest to enjoy my event by giving them good music. I am on a budget but i want to hire a band. My budget says that a 2 piece singer could be cover. I am stuck now with no choice I guess. Help.
Location: prescott, arizona

asked Sep 13, 2013 in Music by misstery

1 Answer

0 votes
If you are on a budget, why do you want to hire a band? A DJ is less expensive than a band - often way less expensive. A DJ can play music of all styles from all decades. A DJ doesn't take breaks. A DJ can take requests. I don't understand why anyone would hire a band for a wedding reception. Also, a band takes up a lot of room. Guests don't come to a wedding reception expecting to see a band.

answered Sep 19, 2013 by madison_wedding_dj(expert)