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+4 votes
4 bridesmaids. cant decide on all the same length. or maid of honor in long and others in tea length. what are your thoughts
Location: idaho

asked Aug 26, 2013 in Bridal Wear by jubug314

4 Answers

+1 vote
Styles for bridesmaids are an aspect of your wedding that you can feel free to let the personalities shine through of your attendants. Having dresses in varies length can make for great visual impact to your guests and you could actually being doing your bridesmaids a favor of having the option depending on their body type. If it is a look that you want for your bridesmaids, it is your day and I say go for it! I would suggest having some aspect be uniform such as everyone carries the same type of bouquet or all dresses are at least the same color. Hopefully this helps!

answered Aug 26, 2013 by anonymous
0 votes
Having too much attention paid to the bride maids may take attention away from you. So something simple and uniformed is always a good choice. However, if you would like each of them to stand out, then by all means, do so.

answered Aug 27, 2013 by info@classytransportation.com
0 votes
I have played for wedding ceremonies in which the bridesmaids were wearing different styles of the same dress material. Lengths differed, as well as sleeve styles and necklines. I thought it looked wonderful. Not every body type looks great in all dresses. Being kind to your bridal party, almost definitely close friends and family members, outweighs any added attention the varying styles will draw. One, your bridesmaids will remember with fondness long after the wedding that they were allowed to wear dresses in which they were comfortable. And, two, you are the bride! The beautiful bride in her glorious gown is ALWAYS the center of attention. No worries about that! :-)

answered Aug 30, 2013 by Harpist Miriam Shilling(expert)
0 votes
Sure; different lengths put visual impact to your wedding party. Not everyone looks great in a tea length dress or a long dress. The maid of honor would stand out if she was in a long dress. It would be easy to identify her. Keep the dress colors the same for continuity. The flowers should be the same for all as well. This will keep your photographs visually "smooth"!

answered Sep 4, 2013 by anonymous