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Should I hire a wedding planner/coordinator to make sure I am not forgetting to do things? I don't want it to be the month before when I realize I still have so much to do!
Location: New York City, New York

asked Aug 13, 2013 in Wedding Planner by kylie

3 Answers

+1 vote
Yes, you should definitely hire a wedding planner. Your wedding is not a backyard birthday party that you can handle yourself....this is one of the most important days of your life. Plus, you don't want to stress yourself out on your wedding day wondering if the caterer comes on time, or why the cake hasn't been delivered yet. Let a professional worry about it all for you so you can enjoy your day and not look stressed in your photos.

answered Aug 20, 2013 by weddings(expert)
+1 vote
Wedding planners are usually pretty affordable. With that being said: YES! Hire a planner. That is their job-PLANNING. Making sure all details are taken care of. Small things that could end up being HUGE things could be forgotten or not even planned for. Wedding planners keep all loose ends tied together. It is worth every penny to hire a professional.

answered Aug 20, 2013 by charlestonweddingphotographers(expert)
+1 vote
The reality is . . . I have never heard a bride say after her wedding day, "Hiring my wedding planner was the worst decision I ever made". However, on the flip side, every blog you read and every bride I talk with always wants to impart this advice, "Hire a wedding planner". Full planning or day/month of depends on the level of assistance you are seeking and how much time and attention you have to devote to the process. If your budget only allows for a day/month of planner then by all means research vendors in your area, ask for an in person (complimentary) consultation and select the best fit for you. You only get one chance, so don't leave the most important day of your life in the hands of your friends or family - hire a professional!!

answered Aug 21, 2013 by Kelli Noel Weddings(expert)