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+18 votes
I want to be pretty eco-friendly with cakes. I've been to weddings in the past where they have extravagant cakes (though pretty!) but it doesn't even get eaten (if it does, it's barely eaten). I want to be smart about the whole cake situation but I still want a gorgeous cake. Should I try cupcakes to make it easy for guests go grab a slice? Or will that take away from the whole wedding cake effect?
Location: NYC, NY

asked Aug 12, 2013 in Cake by Bethany

10 Answers

+2 votes
You could still end up with extra cake, just extra cupcakes! I definitely think traditional cakes are better, and you can talk to your bakery about what the right size is (don't fall in love with a 4 tier cake when you only have 50 people coming!)

answered Aug 12, 2013 by andrea23
+1 vote
Make sure the cake is good, and people will eat it. Sometimes those big, pretty cakes just taste nasty because of all the fondant

answered Aug 13, 2013 by megan12
+1 vote
Cupcakes sounds more Birthday party/Graduation party than Wedding to me...I agree with the previous answers. A cake, but appropriately sized would give you the sense of wedding without leaving you with a ton of cake after the wedding

answered Aug 14, 2013 by Distressed Bride
0 votes
Get a treat tasting cakes. Most bakeries do tastings so you would know if the cake taste good.

answered Aug 17, 2013 by anonymous
0 votes
Or a good way to easily keep uneaten cake portions is to have a cake stand with different tiers of small wedding cake sizes. This way uneaten portions can be taken home or given away easily.

answered Aug 17, 2013 by anonymous
0 votes
I've seen some pretty incredible cupcake stands in our "almost" 2500 wedding history. There is always less waste because 2 cupcakes are frequently eaten by one person (not always). The Fondant is hard and pretty tasteless, yet cupcakes a small and moist and flavorful. The trick to the cupcakes is the set-up. Find a cake maker who has a tiered stand for them. However, cupcakes will eliminate the "Cake cutting" photo opportunity. But, you can still feed each other. Another thing is you can have 5 flavors and have them differentiated by the colored topping on them.

answered Aug 20, 2013 by charlestonweddingphotographers(expert)
0 votes
Either cake or cup cakes are perfectly acceptable, although a cake is still much more prevalent. If you do go the cup cake route you can get different stands which will give you height and depth for the presentation.

answered Aug 21, 2013 by anonymous
0 votes
Both cakes and cupcakes are good. First, consider how many guests you will have and how many of them actually eat cake. I was to one wedding where the couple spent $100 on a tiered cake for about 200 guests, but most of the guests were diabetics and didn't touch it. I was at other weddings where the couples had a couple dozen cupcakes and still had some left. So, consider who eats it, and have about 2 cupcakes for each person that you believe eats it, or for a cake, 2 serving sizes for each guest that you believe eats it. Sometimes, a nicely decorated sheet cake is all you need too. My advice to those that make cakes, (take it or leave it) is to stay away from fondant. Cream cheese frosting tastes better and is much easier to work with.

answered Aug 22, 2013 by thestorylady(expert)
0 votes
Sometimes it's OK to deviate once in a while from the traditional ways like the wedding cake. Not only will guest can easily grab a piece of it but it can also make your wedding more fun. You can find a shop wherein they make marvelous cupcakes for special events like weddings.

answered Sep 12, 2013 by tomden
0 votes
In the UK, the biggest issue with cakes is that the guests forget all about it. By the time they've had dessert and then started dancing, people don't feel like it / remember to look for it. The best solution is to cut the cake before dinner and then serve it as dessert - get a really decadent cake, and stray away from traditional fruit cake. My best one was a rich, chocolate cake served with a trio of ice-creams and snap biscuits, and it made an impressive looking dessert but without all the wastage..

answered Nov 6, 2013 by anonymous