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0 votes
Location: Georgia

asked Aug 12, 2013 in Flowers by Lindsey

3 Answers

0 votes
Oh no! Maybe use fake flowers on just one of the tables :)

answered Aug 12, 2013 by lucy
0 votes
It depends on how far away he gets before he has an attack. Think of the groomsmen wearing real flower boutonnieres: if he stands next to them, he might "go off". Make sure his table has a different centerpiece like a candle w/ silk flowers.

answered Aug 20, 2013 by charlestonweddingphotographers(expert)
0 votes
Make sure before you get too excited, that you find out exactly what it means. Often it may be an allergy only to flowers that exhibit stamens or pollen, such as lilies. It may be that it is a mild allergy and a Benadryl would be a solution for the five or six hours involved. If the reception is outdoors, he might be able to handle it. Check the facts first! If he is truly allergic to the point of being unable to be in a room with flowers, you might have to go with silk. By all means if he has an asthmatic reaction, then silk it is BUT you could still get a fresh floral bouquet and boutonniere and perhaps even a fresh centerpiece for photographs.

answered Aug 28, 2013 by Wedding Muse(helpful expert)