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–1 vote
Location: Georgia

asked Aug 12, 2013 in Venue by Lindsey

2 Answers

+1 vote
Absolutely not! The chairs can be cleared immediately and then set up around the tables for dinner. We've done 100's of same location wedding/receptions.

answered Aug 20, 2013 by charlestonweddingphotographers(expert)
I Absolutely agree. As long as the facility have room for both, or can be easily converted from a wedding venue to a reception venue, it saves money and ensures everyone is at both events.
0 votes
My daughter-in-law and my son had their wedding and reception in the Loeb Central Park Boathouse in NYC and it was fabulous. The chairs were at one end for the ceremony and the tables in the center and at the other end. After the ceremony, the chairs disappeared and that section became the dance floor.

answered Sep 10, 2013 by conniewings