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We cannot decide on a song for our first dance! I'd like something not too overdone or corny. Suggestions?
Location: Trenton, New Jersey

asked Aug 11, 2013 in Music by selena

5 Answers

0 votes
Kasabin-- "happiness" is very mellow but sweet or Ed Sheeran-- "kiss me" is one of my personal favorites :)

answered Aug 12, 2013 by andrea23
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You guys should listen to one of the "love song" stations on like Pandora. They'll play a huge selection, and you may hear one that you both really like! That's what me and my FI did! We listened every night while making dinner :) It was fun and we found something unique

answered Aug 12, 2013 by lucy
0 votes
Her is the thing one song doesn't fit all.Think when you met or dated or that special occasion was there any song that was special to both of you?There are many songs to choose from such as amazed by Lone Star or cross my heart by George Strait and so on.The imporatant thing is let it be both of your song that what counts.

answered Aug 21, 2013 by Joe(expert)
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You might not like my answer here but I tell the truth so it will help you. Suggestions should not come from others. The song you choose should be special and express the thoughts and hopes of you, the bride and the your chosen partner. As their DJ, I always recommend to my client brides that they do a Search Engine (Google or their favorite) and type in the name of the wedding activity. Many, many lists will be available to see titles of songs that have a chance to be wonderful. One you find an interesting title, see if the song is on You Tube so you can hear all of it. Do a lyric search so you can read all of the lyrics while you listen. Ask yourself how much of a perfect fit the lyrics and the singers voice and music style are for both of you. Remember this.....the song you choose is also the song you will dance to at your anniversaries in the future so ask yourself how it might feel to dance to that one in the future not just at your wedding. You can do the internet thing with all of the traditional activities at weddings. If you or your DJ doesn't have the song, go to Amazon.com and buy / download it. If it is there, it costs less than $1.50 to own the song for the future.

answered Aug 22, 2013 by DJ Dave(expert)
0 votes
Carole King's You Just Call Out My Name....is wonderful!

answered Sep 11, 2013 by Felicia