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+1 vote
What's your opinion on following a theme, like from a movie, for your wedding?
Location: New York City, New York

asked Aug 3, 2013 in Wedding Trends by samantha

3 Answers

0 votes
Well, depends on the theme.

answered Aug 6, 2013 by anonymous
0 votes
My best friend has always insisted the wedding is for the guests just as much as it is for the bride and groom, so if a theme will make it enjoyable for your guests, I say why not?!

answered Aug 9, 2013 by Stephanie
0 votes
Themes are so much fun. Be careful to use one that will be easy to fulfill. Some themes are almost impossible to find items for-even on the internet. http://www.charlestonweddingphotographers.com/ http://pinterest.com/charlestonphoto/boards/

answered Aug 21, 2013 by charlestonweddingphotographers(expert)