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I see so many cute DIY ideas on Pinterest and different blogs, but I know that doing everything DIY is stressful. What things would you advise having someone else worry about, and what would you set aside for DIY projects?
Location: New York City, New York

asked Aug 2, 2013 in Wedding Trends by lucy

3 Answers

+1 vote
If your wedding is small, you can do more DIY. Also, it depends on how artistic, creative, and good with a glue gun that are. Haha. I'm doing my centerpieces because it's not something that has to be made the day of (like flowers). Also, I'm having a pretty big wedding, so I decided to skip making the food myself

answered Aug 2, 2013 by andrea23
+1 vote
Almost everything for me! I bought my dress, but with almost a year to plan, I'm just tackling one project at a time. Also, my bridesmaids are awesome and helping with so many of them! We're going to do flowers the day before, and my sister-in-law is making the food. We're doing simple jars and candles for the centerpieces-- so they can be done before. You just have to decide how much time you have and how much time you're willing to invest.

answered Aug 3, 2013 by samantha
0 votes
My wedding was hugely DIY because we had a small budget. About 100 people; the entire event was held in my in-laws' backyard, so we had more flexibility than you might have in a hall. I definitely agree with Andrea23 that you can do more DIY with less stress the fewer guests you have attending. I made all my own favors (small baskets created out of plastic canvas and yarn and then filled them with M&M's bought in bulk from a vending-machine company), made the box which held the cards from guests (covered a nice box in fabric and cut a slit in the lid), designed and printed our invitations myself (although, if you don't have the time, you can design them yourself but bring the template over to an office-supply company or professional printer to make as many copies as you like on nice paper), and bought plants for the tables instead of flowers, decorating each pot with little hearts. Everything DIY is NOT stressful. It depends on your personality. I loved being so involved in my wedding instead of letting someone else do everything. Just pick your projects, allow a realistic amount of time to complete them, do not be afraid to ask for help from friends and family, and do not procrastinate. Best of luck to you!

answered Aug 21, 2013 by Harpist Miriam Shilling(expert)