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+3 votes
What areas am I expected to help the bride with?
Location: Pheonix, Arizona

asked Jul 19, 2013 in Guests and Etiquette by lizlu

4 Answers

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It's always best to ask your friend what her expectations are. Traditionally, the MOH is in-charge of the bridal shower/bachelorette party, as well as some wedding planning and day-of assistance.

answered Jul 21, 2013 by anonymous
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It depends on how OCD your bride is :) I like to do things by myself, so I haven't really assigned anything to my MOH. She's planning the bachelorette party and bridal shower though, as well as being there to drink wine while going through bridal magazines with me.

answered Aug 9, 2013 by cindy
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Bridesmaids and maids of honor became more common when weddings were planned. For several days before the wedding, the maid of honor attended to the bride-to-be. She ensured that the bridal wreath was made and helped the bride get dressed. All bridesmaids helped the bride decorate for the wedding dinner. For many generations, bridesmaids wore dresses that were similar to the bride's wedding gown, while groomsmen dressed in clothing that was similar to the grooms attire. This tradition began for protection against evil spirits or jealous suitors who would be confused as to which two people were the bride and groom. http://www.charlestonweddingphotographers.com http://pinterest.com/charlestonphoto/boards/

answered Aug 21, 2013 by charlestonweddingphotographers(expert)
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The best answer is "Whatever your bride needs." You are the gopher, know it all, solve it all, make everything right when she is stressed. Her stress level can vary so be prepared with lots of helpful advice and solutions. MOHs usually but don't have to if someone else volunteers, be the head of the bachelorette party. On the day of, the MOH is by the bride's side throughout. In the reception, the #1 duty of the MOH is to know where the bride's throwing bouquet is. If a DJ is hired and or a wedding coordinator, in the recpetion they just make themselves available for any pictures taken and enjoy the party. If no DJ or wedding coordinator is hired, they continue their role of staying at the bride's side (as much as the bride says she wants) to help when needed. One of those times is when the bride suddenly needs to go to the bathroom. Helping with that dress and the restroom facilities is what many bride's and MOHs never think of!!

answered Aug 22, 2013 by DJ Dave(expert)