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I'm not sure if I will have enough in my budget for flowers! I see all of these ideas for DIY flowers, and it seems relatively easy. Has anyone ever gone to a wedding/had a wedding where the bride did all the flowers? Did it just end up looking like handfuls of weeds in a jar or actually beautiful?
Location: New York City, New York

asked Jul 8, 2013 in Flowers by lucy

3 Answers

0 votes
How many bouquets, centerpieces, etc are planning on making? I'd say if you have more than 10 tables and 3 bridesmaids, you're looking at too much work. There are lots of good florist who can work with a budget.

answered Jul 10, 2013 by andrea23
0 votes
My friend had a simple wedding in the park last May, and she did all the flowers herself. The wedding was very laid back, so it worked for her to have wildflowers. She's got an artistic eye too, so she used pretty ribbons and unique vases to help finish the flowers. I say it depends on what kind of wedding you're having.

answered Jul 12, 2013 by anastasia
0 votes
This is a task you can delegate to a creative friend. It would be her wedding gift to you.

answered Sep 10, 2013 by anonymous