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+3 votes
Okay, my fiance really isn't that big of a dancer and doesn't want a mother/son dance. Is it tradition though?

asked Jun 26, 2013 in Entertainment by Tina

5 Answers

0 votes
Not everyone has a mother and son dance. If your FMIL is okay with not having one too, I'd say just skip it. Besides, there is nothing that says you have to stick to tradition :)

answered Jun 26, 2013 by milagros
0 votes
No I don't think it's a tradition. If he doesn't want to do it, I'd say don't force it. You could have him and his mother join in half way through your father-daughter dance if he doesn't want to dance an entire song or be on the floor by himself.

answered Jul 1, 2013 by lucy
0 votes
That question is up to both of you its your wedding and what ever you two decide is what is import as each wedding is different.

answered Aug 21, 2013 by Joe(expert)
0 votes
A tradition is whatever YOUR families do in celebrations. You can start a tradition in your family but what others have done in their celebrations is meaningless unless you want it in yours. Yes, as a mobile DJ, I call the mother son dance a traditional activity but I offer it as optional and prompt my clients to put it in if it's meaningful for them and their family. The excuse that he is not that big of a dancer isn't a good one because in a slow dance, you just hug and rock back and forth BUT if he is shy, that's another story. I've had brooms opt out because they were too shy to have the spotlight. I suggested to them that they could dance with their mother in the general dancing and party portion of the evening instead of having a solo spotlight dance as many others do. By meaningful, I mean that such a dance is a way to say thank you from son to mother for bring him to this learning end point where he can maturely choose and be with a wife via all the love and learning he gained from her over the many years of life.

answered Aug 22, 2013 by DJ Dave(expert)
0 votes
As the proud mother of two married sons, I would have been crushed if they had not danced with me at their weddings. You can pick a simple song and they can just sway and talk to each other.

answered Sep 10, 2013 by anonymous