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0 votes
Can I and how do I say I want someone else to marry us?
Location: Yonkers, New York

asked Jun 2, 2013 in Ceremony by lucy

2 Answers

0 votes
First, make sure your FI is on the same page. If you're switching to another priest, figure out who first, and then you can both tell your current priest. It'll be easier to say something like "we're going to ask this priest to marry us because of ________" than just saying "we don't want you anymore." Good luck!

answered Jun 2, 2013 by sarahjean
0 votes
Of course you can ask for another officiant! It gets a little tricky because you're having a priest and not a hired officiant, but you're not stuck. Talk to your FI and explain why you want another officiant. Then, respectfully talk to your priest. Chances are, he'll probably understand if you have somebody else in mind.

answered Jun 14, 2013 by samantha