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+2 votes
We have 140 guest coming, and my FI's family is a big meat eating family, which means changing our whole menu for just two people is not a good option. And we're having a buffet, so I can't even do it by the plate. I need some ideas!
Location: New York, NY

asked Jun 2, 2013 in Catering by anastasia

3 Answers

0 votes
You definitely need a "meal" option for your vegetarian friends-- and not just an unhealthy side dish. If you can order half a tray/order of a vegetarian side dish, you may find that some of your other guests also opt for that option. Don't leave your friends with nothing but a couple side dishes though. You don't want them to go hungry!

answered Jun 2, 2013 by Tina
0 votes
I actually had a similar problem. Only one of my bridesmaids is a vegetarian. I actually just talked to her and asked what she would like to eat. We decided to have a to-go meal for her from a nearby restaurant so she can eat an entire meal too. We're also doing a buffet, but the caterer said she doesn't mind us buying a single dish from some place else because they don't do meals by the plate.

answered Jun 2, 2013 by megan12
0 votes
We always accommodate special or restricted diets, weather preference or medical necessity is the accommodation requester, we are always willing to provide a plate that is separate from the buffet served. Many times it is simply changing the sauce, or leaving it out entirely. I would advise speaking with your caterer about the options they have for you.

answered Aug 13, 2013 by Gardens Restaurant(expert)