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+4 votes
Location: New York, NY

asked May 27, 2013 in Decor by madel

3 Answers

0 votes
I've seen these adorable pillows with a silhouetted state on it for a state themed wedding. They were for carrying the ring I think, but you could do a big one and have everyone sign it with a fabric marker.

answered May 28, 2013 by MsWhite
0 votes
What about a photo booth idea, but where the backdrop is either out a window over the city (depending on your venue) or a picture of the city line. Then you have a picture of everyone in the city and a scrapbook with pictures of all your guests!

answered May 28, 2013 by anastasia
0 votes
One wedding had photo albums with photos on the couple on each page leaving room for signatures and comments... the photos were randomly placed to make it interesting and the pages were spread along a table and later assembled into a great album. The photos could easily be of the couple taken in and around NYC.

answered Jun 13, 2013 by Felicia Tidwell