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My fiance hates having his picture taken, but I really want us to have some nice pictures both at the wedding and for our engagement shoot. Any ideas on how I can get him to relax? I don't want us to end up in the "worst engagement photos" hall of fame!
Location: New York, NY

asked May 24, 2013 in Photography by sarahjean

4 Answers

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I had the same problem. First, we went out for a drink before the engagement shoot, and then the photographer suggested that we have the shoot at a waterfall where we usually hike. She was great at capturing small moments between us when we didn't even realize she was taking the shot. She was so personable that she seemed like an old friend, so we were completely relaxed and also decided to use her for the wedding day too! The key is to not put too much pressure on getting the perfect shot and choosing a good photographer. Good luck!

answered May 27, 2013 by kylie
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Definitely have your engagement shoot some place where you normally go to spend time. Both of you will automatically feel more natural in front of the camera. I'd also suggest having you FI go with you to interview your photographer. It allows him to decide who he likes and gives him an opportunity to meet them beforehand.

answered May 28, 2013 by anastasia
0 votes
Find a photographer that isn't only good with women, but with guys too. Most men are too cool for photography but when they get to know the professional, it changes. Explain to him that the photographer is only doing his/her job and that it's as if he were casting for a part. It is a production regardless; the only thing that changes is that it is for your personal use, and not commercial.

answered Aug 20, 2013 by Delio Photo Studio(expert)
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Everyone who responded has added valuable insights.. I will add two things, Keep the engagement session short, you will be surprised how many good poses in 30 minutes a good photographer can take.. The second Let him give you ideas, If he likes Football how about going to the local stadium and putting his favorite team jersey on ,and make it a fun day...

answered Aug 21, 2013 by carlos@miamiphoto.net(expert)