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+16 votes
Is this a good idea? Is a dj worth the extra money?
Location: Trenton, New Jersey

asked May 22, 2013 in Music by Tina

13 Answers

+1 vote
Personally, I loved my dj. He helped MC the reception too, but introducing the wedding party as we walked in and announcing the cutting of the cake. Also, he brought a bunch of lighting and speakers, so that saved me the hasel of having to worry about those things. I gave him a list of songs I definitely wanted to hear and ones that I absolutely did not want, and he kept everyone on the dance floor!

answered May 24, 2013 by milagros
+1 vote
My sister-in-law created a playlist for her wedding, but they forgot the music at home! I had to run back to their apartment (thankfully only 5 minutes away) to bring up their laptop while they took pictures. It turned out okay because she had family members help create the playlist, so everyone got to hear their favorite songs. I will advise though: 1) Don't choose your song as the first one on the list! and 2) Choose somebody to play dj, who knows when certain music should play or seeing that some songs are just flopping.

answered May 24, 2013 by andrea23
+2 votes
This is the hands down worst idea to hit the wedding world. There are so many things that can go wrong with this approach...will go wrong with this approach (ala someone forgetting the laptop at home). You have no mc to announce moments. You have no one to keep the party moving while they read the crowd. You have no one who knows what to do if the laptop crashes or starts repeating songs too much. You will have though a nice rental bill for the sound system you will still need to rent, set up, and return. You will also have some guests wondering why they came. It's really not worth it unless you are on an extremely strict budget.

answered Aug 13, 2013 by Rawkstar Entertainment(expert)
+1 vote
Dont. The DJ is who keeps the receptions flowing. He makes the announcements, gets guests dancing, and takes care of all the music so you do not have to worry. Well worth the money not to have to worry and to have the reception be a hit.

answered Aug 20, 2013 by midgeh(expert)
+1 vote
A DJ will allow you to relax and have a fun wedding day. A good DJ or DJ/MC team does more than just play music, they read the crowd of your guests and respond by playing a wide variety of music that gets all your guests involved. The MC will not only manage your wedding day by checking to make sure things run on time with your k/catering staff, making sure the Best Man is at the head table ready for his toast, the photographer is given a heads up about a great photo coming up between the Bride and her Father, to checking with you and the groom to make sure your ready for the newlywed game(which they run to keep the fun day interactive), the list goes on. The DJ company plays great music at the right but so much more. It would be a shame to spend so much money on a venue and food and then have your guests leave early because there was nobody that kept the flow of the reception going and it was boring. It is ultimately the responsibility of the DJ to make the reception flow and be fun filled with great music and interactivity so you can relax and your guests can have a great time.

answered Aug 20, 2013 by anonymous
+1 vote
That is your choice however unless you have experience reading and motivating your guest it may not be so good. I have been doing DJ since 1986 and believe me there are a lot of so called Dj that you would of been better off you playing your own music know who you hire get refrences.

answered Aug 21, 2013 by Joe(expert)
+1 vote
I am a mobile DJ service in Washington State so you might think this is biased but a DJ is worth every penny if you can afford one and you can find an experienced one you trust. So many brides in my 17 years tell me afterwards how much they liked that I was there to be handle the music and run the event according to an itinerary (embedded with music cues) that we made together prior to the event. My clients are able to relax knowing that someone is handling the flow of the event by their directions and can enjoy other things more important on the wedding day. A modern expert like me handles many things at the event and is the one that the caterer and photographer often go to find what is on the itinerary or what is happening next. Again, this might seem self serving but many of my client spent way more on any one of these than my service cost...the cake, their clothes, the venue, the decorations, the food and all the other things put together. The modern DJ binds all these things together in the event. How about saving money on the rest of those things so you CAN afford a DJ? Anyone who thinks that a wedding DJ is just a music provider is behind the times and any DJ that performs a wedding and thinks it is all about the music should get out of the wedding business.

answered Aug 22, 2013 by DJ Dave(expert)
+1 vote
A DJ is Worth the money. Again, i may be a little biased, but i understand the value of what a DJ does for a wedding reception. Just reember, an Ipod doesnt know to switch to the right song to keep people dancing. The Ipod doesn't take requests, and the Ipod doesn't drive the party. Sit down with a real wedding preofessional and ask them what they can do for you, you will see then why it is worth it!

answered Aug 23, 2013 by jsabolent(expert)
+1 vote
ABSOLUTELY a dj is worth the extra money, and a live band as well, if you can afford it. Here's why: On your special day, there are so many thousands of details to be attended to, and you will never enjoy it yourself if you are busy trying to run everything yourself. It would almost be like trying to serve your guests their food yourself, rather than letting the catering team do it...YOU will end up being the DJ, the one in charge of entertainment, in effect, if you try to do what you are suggesting. A good dj, and a good band leader, take the load off of you. They can MC, they can monitor the crowd to play music the crowd wants to hear/dance to, and change those musical selections as the flow of your event changes -- different activities, different flow of guests throughout the day/night, etc. They can help you stay on track with your itinerary. THEY entertain so that YOU don't have to. There is an excitement, an energy, that only comes with live performance. Even a good dj knows how to read a crowd and get them to really enjoy themselves! Ideally, if you have the budget, I would suggest a live band that has a songlist as much suited to your crowd as possible... for that high energy WOW -FUN factor. There is nothing like a great live band to really get your guests dancing and having a wonderful time! A good band leader can lead conga-lines, help you with the boquet toss, make special announcements -- the possibilities are endless. But bands are made up of humans who do need to take breaks -- so that is where your DJ comes in... and you should select him/her with just as much care as your band, because the DJ should be prepared to read the crowd and play whatever kind of music the crowd wants to hear that the band may not be able to supply; as well as before and after the band plays. The dj should also be a good MC, and also be informed of your itinerary. In that way, you will have an entertainment TEAM on the job that will also help with other aspects of your event... the more THEY do, the less YOU have to worry about -- and after all the time and money you've spent getting everything just perfect for your special day, wouldn't you like to be able to really be present for it and enjoy it?

answered Aug 26, 2013 by La Sirena y Orquesta Mar de Ashé(expert)
+1 vote
As a wedding DJ who has performed at over 400 wedding receptions, I am extremely biased when I say that this idea is not a good one. Many of the earlier answers explain why. I am performing at a wedding reception this upcoming Saturday where the bride-to-be tried in vain for months to get her fiance to hire me. Once her bosses found out that she was going to be using an iPod to play the music, they told her that they would pay my fee. I think that speaks volumes about what wedding guests think about that idea.

answered Sep 19, 2013 by madison_wedding_dj(expert)
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