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asked Jun 27, 2012 in Decor by billy
retagged Mar 10, 2013 by anonymous

2 Answers

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Candles can be decorated and presented in unique ways, so yes. I prefer to combine them with other elements though, than a stand alone. They’re an inexpensive option too, especially if you want to stay away from traditional floral arrangements. Or you can choose to combine both—just be careful where you place the candles so as not to “melt” the petals. And hey, blood-red candles along with red roses can create a romantic and sexy aura for a wedding centerpiece, though it may be a bit Christmas-y for some tastes, so consider your wedding theme. Here are some more candle ideas from Penny and Mary.

answered Jun 27, 2012 by Abbey
edited Mar 10, 2013 by anonymous
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Candelabras make great centerpieces and are very inexpensive to rent. Mason jars also look nice with candles inside of them.

answered Jul 16, 2013 by rentvintagechina.com(expert)