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asked Jun 20, 2012 in Cake by kimberly
edited Mar 8, 2013 by anonymous

2 Answers

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This will depend on the size of guests, and of course, your budget. If the number of guests is just around 50 persons then a 3-tier cake should be enough. Here’s a picture of a 3-tier cake to give you an idea.

Also consider how big the cake pieces should be for the guests times how big the reception is (number of people), then ask the pastry chef for their recommendations on cake sizes. Or choose from the most popular square pan sizes. A square 6-inch cake layer serves 18 guests; an 8-inch pan serves 32; a 10-inch pan serves 50; a 12-inch pan serves 72; a 14-inch pan serves 98; a 16-inch pan serves 120; and an 18-inch pan serves 140.

answered Jun 20, 2012 by Emma
edited Mar 10, 2013 by anonymous
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Hello, Kimberly! The size of your cake is determined by several different factors including the number of guests, whether you save or serve your top tier, how late in the evening will the cake be served, if alcohol will be served, etc. All of these factors will be discussed with your baker, during your consultation, to determine the appropriate size for your cake to feed the required number of guests.

answered Aug 14, 2013 by Storybook Bakery(expert)