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asked Jun 19, 2012 in Wedding Planner by Elizabeth
recategorized Mar 10, 2013 by anonymous

2 Answers

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Start off by using a wedding budget planning worksheet to figure out the basics. Find out who is paying for what as early as possible. Create a list of everything you need and see if anyone is willing to pay anything on it, and pay close attention to elements of the wedding that you’re going to prioritize above all else. Plan for a simpler wedding if your budget is tight, don’t be afraid to rent for what you need or cut down on guest lists. And get a consultant if you want, and don’t be afraid to visit several different vendors to find out where you can get the best deals. If you already know some of the costs, such as the hall rental, put in the actual numbers and adjust the other numbers to make up for it. Depending on your area, budgeting about $100 per wedding guest will give you a good start. This allows for $50 a head for catering, and the remaining $50 goes towards everything else.

answered Jun 19, 2012 by Hannah
edited Mar 10, 2013 by anonymous
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Whenever you can, use non-wedding-specific vendors. And don't let people talk you into things "you should" have. Your wedding will turn out fine, even if you don't have favors, or purchase fewer flowers, wear a used (albeit worn only once) wedding gown from a thrift shop, and don't opt for the super-duper packages offered by your DJ, hall, or photographer. If you are happy on your big day, guests will sense that and be happy, too. Remember, if you have to compromise to save a bit of money, the important thing is you are marrying the person you love. You can always throw a huge party for your 5th or 10th anniversary. :-)

answered Aug 21, 2013 by Harpist Miriam Shilling(expert)